Art Education FAQ’s

What is an art education major?

An art education major at Brenau University is an undergraduate degree offered through the Department of Art and Design in cooperation with the College of Education. It prepares the student to teach K-12 art in the State of Georgia.

What are the requirements to graduate from this program?

Students choosing the art education major pursue course work in general education, studio art and art history, and professional education leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art Education. In addition, art education graduates must pass the Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) prior to certification to teach in Georgia. For more information see thecurrent Brenau University Catalog.

What can I do with this as my major?

Brenau students who graduate with a BFA in Art Education are eligible for Teacher Certification in the State of Georgia, which will enable them to teach art in Georgia’s Public Schools (grades K-12). Those who wish to teach elsewhere will find that their BFA degree from Brenau is recognized in most of the 50 states. However, some states may require additional course work be taken during the first 3-5 years of employment as a teacher. In addition to teaching art in grades K-12, many Brenau art education graduates pursue careers in alternative settings such as museum education programs and community art centers. Some seek jobs teaching overseas and others go on to pursue graduate course work in universities.

Are there any internships opportunities available?

The Brenau art education major requires extensive field experiences in local public school classrooms throughout the program as well as a ten-week student-teaching internship during the last year on campus.

What kinds of jobs are available for this major?

America’s public schools will need to hire over 2 million new teachers in the coming decade. Given this demand, art teaching opportunities are plentiful. It’s a good time to be looking for an art teaching position!

How does this major compare to other similar majors in the school?

As compared with other majors offered in the Department of Art and Design, the art education major requires a broad knowledge and skills in the disciplines of art as well as the ability to work with people and manage time, resources, and children. In short, it is a demanding and rewarding major to pursue.

What are the costs associated with this major?

Pursuing a career in teaching requires a huge personal commitment of time and effort. Teaching is not simply a job; it is a way of life! As for financial costs, lab fees ($25-65 dollars) must be paid for art methods classes that pay for many, but not all art materials used in each course. Costs and fees associated with studio classes taken will vary, depending on the student’s interests.

Can student teaching be done in a school near my home?

Yes, most requests for placement that meet School of Education guidelines can be arranged. The majority of placements are in communities within a 50-mile radius of Gainesville, GA.

How and when do I apply to the teacher education program at Brenau?

Students are admitted into art education as freshmen, but they also must be accepted by the School of Education’s Teacher Education Program based on a 2.75 overall GPA, the satisfactory completion of certain major courses and passing the GACE I Basic Skills Test. Most students after completing these requirements apply to the program at the end of the sophomore year.

Will a graduate of a teacher education program at Brenau automatically be certified to teach in Georgia?

No. The State of Georgia requires graduates to apply for teaching certification with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and to pass an advanced certification test (GACE II) in their discipline. Consequently it is possible, though not common, for students to graduate with a BFA without meeting all of the requirements for teacher certification in the State of Georgia.

How will I know what courses to take?

All art education majors will meet with their major advisor before registration each semester to discuss the recommended course sequence and scheduling. Freshmen and transfer students should review the art education program plan found on the Brenau website.

Transfer students will receive a degree audit report from the School of Education upon acceptance to Brenau. The report will allow you to see how courses already completed apply to your degree and identify courses still needed.

How long will the advising appointment take?

The actual advising and registration process typically takes about one hour.

What happens if I can’t get in to a required class?

You are guaranteed space in your required art education major courses, though no guarantees are made that you will be able to register the exact day and time you desire. No guarantee is made that you will get the exact general education classes you desire. However, you will be able to register in some general education course that will apply toward your major. You may have to compromise on days and times.

Who will help me register for classes?

When you register for the first time, a faculty or staff advisor will be available to help you. In subsequent semesters, you’ll register yourself online after conferring with your major advisor.


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