College of Education Faculty and Staff



  Dr. Linda Aikens-Young
Assistant Professor of Education Norcross Campus
(770) 446-2900
  Dr. Lisa McCoy
Assistant Professor of Education
(770) 531-3141

Dr. Kelley Brock-Simmons
Chair, Graduate Programs, Assistant Professor of Education
(770) 534-6223

  Dr. Judith Perry
Associate Professor of Special Education
(770) 534-6209
  Dr. Billi Bromer
Associate Professor of Education
Coordinator of Teacher Education Augusta Campus
(706) 210-2574
  Dr. Bryan Sorohan
Associate Professor of Education
(770) 534-6226
  Dr. Donna Cherveny
Assistant Professor of Education
(770) 534-6229
  Dr. Tommye Thomas
Associate Dean
Professor of Education
(770) 538-4740
  Dr. Isreal Collins, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Education
(770) 531-3140
  Dr. Eugene Williams
Interim Dean,
Associate Professor of Education
(770) 531-3172
  Dr. Janet Grier
Assistant Professor of Education Fairburn Campus
(678) 827-7300
  Dr. Brandi Worsham
Chair, Initial Certification Programs, Assistant Professor of Education
(770) 531-3142
Dr. Karen Henman
Assistant Professor of Education
(770) 297-5946
   Dr. Vince Yamilkoski
Professor of Education
Director of the Learning Center
(770) 534-6134


  Jill H. Goforth
Director of Clinical Experiences
(770) 533-5401
  Gladys Harvey-Peterson
Advising Coordinator and
Certification Officer
(770) 534-6224
  Gefry Ventura
Data Coordinator
(770) 534-5408
  Alynne Grace
Office Manager and
Assistant to the Dean
(770) 534-6220
  Joyce Wilson
Assistant to Director of Clinical Experiences and
Coordinator of Placements
(770) 538-4612


General inquiries:, +1-770-534-6299 or +1-800-252-5119 | Admissions:, +1-770-534-6100 or +1-800-252-5119 ext. 6100