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Ana Lopera works with students in the RISE program as they review how to tell time on a clock.

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Georgia’s classrooms are filled with diverse students including the unique needs of English language learners. To support current and aspiring teachers, Brenau University offers the ESOL Endorsement Program approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. This offers an opportunity for candidates to add ESOL expertise to their certification and marketability within the teaching profession. In doing so, Brenau’s ESOL Endorsement Program can help teachers support English language learners to reach high levels of academic achievement and success in the school setting.

The ESOL Endorsement Program requires successful completion of three online courses that can be completed at the undergraduate or graduate level. Courses must be completed in sequential order with a minimum of a 2.75 GPA. The final course ED 349/649 requires a 24 hour practicum in an approved setting (link to options). The courses are listed below. The 600 level courses are for those who currently have a baccalaureate from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 2.75 GPA. The 300 level courses are for current Brenau students enrolled in an education program seeking initial certification who wish to add the ESOL endorsement after receiving their certification. All candidates must purchase LiveText online at in order to complete all required assignments in the program.

Those who are not currently enrolled Brenau students will need to apply for the ESOL Endorsement Program through the Brenau University Admissions Office at

The deadline to apply to begin summer classes is May 1.

ESOL Endorsement Program Courses:

  • Course #1: ED 339/639 Foundations & Cultural Issues for Teaching ESOL (339 all semesters, 639 summer only)

This course focuses on the particular needs of K-12 teachers and other professionals, including: historical and legal background of bilingual and ESOL education, literacy development, content-based instruction, and assessment to address the needs of English learners. The course will also explore concepts, principles, theories, and research for creating a culturally responsive environment.

  • Course #2: ED 348/642 Language Acquisition & Development for Teaching ESOL (summer only)

This course examines language development and how English learners acquire language proficiency. Prospective ESOL teachers will demonstrate an understanding of language as a system and apply theories and research in language acquisition and development to support English learners. Prerequisite: ED 339/639

  • Course #3: ED 349/649 Methods & Materials for Teaching ESOL (fall, summer as of 2018)

This course focuses on the development of instructional methods and the selection of appropriate materials to support English learners in academic content areas. Prospective ESOL teachers will develop abilities to assess learners’ needs and language development and apply strategies for teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening to English learners. This course requires a practicum component. Prerequisites: ED 339/639 and ED 348/642

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For questions regarding the ESOL Endorsement Program, please contact Dr. Brandi Worsham at