Experiences visiting Anhui Normal University

Brenau University has developed a collaborative program of study for students from Anhui Normal University in China.  Students spend two years studying Early Childhood Education before coming to Brenau University to complete their final two years of study.  In preparation with Anhui students, Brenau faculty have made numerous trips to China. Faculty from China have also made extended visits to Brenau University.  These exchanges help the students and faculty prepare for what is expected when the Anhui Normal University students arrive in Georgia and attend Brenau University classes.  Through our visits, our faculty are learning more about the culture of our students.  When in China, our faculty teach courses, interact with students, live in the community, and visit local attractions.  The College of Education looks forward to enhancing our relationship with the Anhui Normal University students.

Please enjoy below some interviews and pictures from our professors’ visits to Anhui Normal University in Wuhu, China

We asked Dr. Grier to share some words and pictures from her trip

A few pictures:

Dr. Grier with MS207 students in Wuhu, China

Dr. Grier with MS207 students in Wuhu, China

China - Dr. Grier night picture

Read more about Dr. Grier’s China Trip and view more pictures.

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