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Are Brenau facilities open?

As our students continue remote learning and support Brenau University on-ground facilities are closed until further notice. We will resume hosting guests and the public when we deem it safe to do so.


Will Students Receive CARES Act Emergency Relief Funds?

Brenau has reviewed all spring semester registration records to determine which students meet the eligibility requirements for this grant. An email containing an electronic grant application was sent to all eligible students by midnight on May 20. Eligible students were asked to respond to the notification by completing the application as soon as possible but no later than Friday, May 29, 2020.

Once applications are received and processed, recipients will be notified of the grant amount to expect and funds will be forwarded to them using the preference students have selected with BankMobile.

Eligibility requirements were set by the US government to identify which students may receive these grants. The requirements are that students:

  1. were enrolled in on-ground classes on March 13, 2020,
  2. have a valid FAFSA on file that confirms they are a US citizen or eligible permanent resident,
  3. experienced some level of additional costs associated with changing from on-campus to online programs.


Have there been any cases of coronavirus on any of Brenau’s campuses?

Currently all Brenau campuses are closed while the university has shifted to online learning and support and faculty and staff work remotely. There is a small group of students housed on the historic Gainesville campus. No students or essential employees remaining on campus have been diagnosed with COVID-19.


Have there been any known confirmed exposures on any of Brenau’s campuses?

While there are no confirmed exposures from campus, there were secondary exposures of confirmed cases on our Norcross and Gainesville East campuses. Those faculty, staff and students who were on the Norcross campus from March 9-13, or the Gainesville East from March 12-16, are instructed to self-quarantine until March 31 per the CDC guidelines.

For those with family also staying at home, the current CDC guidelines recommend that, if possible, you designate one bathroom just for you and also stay in a separate room from other family members. In addition, please do not share dishes, bedding and towels with members of your household. Finally, please clean commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, keyboards, etc. These are precautions even for those without symptoms in an effort to stem the spread of disease, as they may be carriers.

In summary:

  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  2. As much as possible, stay in a specific room and away from other people in your home. Also, you should use a separate bathroom, if available. If you need to be around other people in or outside of the home, wear a facemask.
  3. Avoid sharing personal items with other people in your household, like dishes, towels and bedding.
  4. Clean all surfaces that are touched often, like counters, tabletops, light switches and doorknobs. Use household cleaning sprays or wipes according to the label instructions.
  5. Restrict activities outside your home, except for getting medical care. Do not go to work, school or public areas. Avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing or taxis.


Are there any confirmed cases of COVID-19 among Brenau faculty, staff or contracted employees?

Yes. There have been a few isolated cases reported. These individuals are taking required measures.


Who do I contact with concerns?

  • If you are a student or parent with concerns about the checkout process as we transition to online learning, please contact Vice President for Student Services Amanda Lammers at
  • If you are a member of the media, please direct your questions to Vice President of Marketing & Communications Ben McDade at
  • If you are a Brenau employee, please direct your questions to your immediate supervisor or vice president.


Who should I contact if I have been or think I may have been exposed to coronavirus/covid-19?

Even if you may have been exposed to or present symptoms of COVID-19 while you are studying online or working remotely, we ask that you contact Brenau University Nurse Practitioner Sarah Davis at You may also contact Davis with any health-related questions or concerns.


Does this affect every campus?

This affects all Brenau University campuses.


When will on-ground classes resume?

We are eager to start classes on-ground again and are making plans to do so, however this will follow recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization with respect to when it is safe to reopen on-ground classes.


I’m an online student. How does this affect me?

Current online courses will continue uninterrupted throughout the move-out week and the remainder of the semester.


How will the university communicate additional information?

We ask students to be vigilant about checking their email. Additional information about the checkout process is forthcoming, so please be checking your email regularly in the next week.


Is graduation canceled?

Spring 2020 commencement ceremonies are not canceled; instead, we will plan to attend commencement just a few weeks after the university can safely resume large gatherings. The weather will likely be warmer than usual when the ceremony occurs, and we will keep you posted once the university finalizes a date.

Some of our students may need to complete clinical experiences, internships, and student teaching requirements. Our plan is to schedule commencement at such a time that students who would have been eligible to graduate in May will still have time to become eligible to graduate at the upcoming commencement. The moment degree requirements are completed, however, your degree will be conferred and your transcripts updated.


I’m in nursing, PT, OT, PSY, ED. What about my clinicals/fieldwork?

In many instances, your faculty will provide alternative ways for you to satisfy these requirements.

Our clinical hospital sites, Northeast Georgia Health System and Northside Hospital have suspended all student clinicals and internships. The Mary Inez Grindle School of Nursing and university leadership has been in touch with the Georgia Board of Nursing and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) to identify alternatives to traditional on-site clinical rotations. Students will be able to complete their clinical requirements in ways that are approved by AACN and the Georgia Board of Nursing although the time frame is not certain at this time. At this time, we do not know when the semester will end or when graduation will occur, but we are making sure that every student will be supported through their degree completion.


Are all extracurricular or outside-the-classroom activities canceled?

Yes, all spring extracurricular activities including athletic practices and games are canceled for the balance of the spring semester.


Is a particular event canceled?

All face-to-face Brenau events are either canceled or postponed until further notice. As Brenau is open and operational online, we will continue to host many events held in new and creative ways for current and future students, faculty and staff, alumni, and members of the community.


How can I make a payment?

You can make payments online through CampusWeb or by mailing a check to:

Brenau University
Attn: Business Office
500 Washington St. SE
Gainesville, GA 30501


Will I be refunded for the balance of my room & board charge?

Residential students can receive a prorated refund for their room & board charge applied to their student accounts. If you prefer, you may leave those funds to apply to your account in the fall.

To ensure that you are registered for the fall, checked out, have your financial aid paperwork completed, and have all your questions answered, students are asked to visit the Trustee Library beginning Friday, March 13. We ask you all to do so in order to ensure your place in the fall is reserved.

The check-out process is necessary for both residential and commuter students, and there is a checklist for you, which will include your fall schedule. This is also the time residential students can arrange for your refund.


When will room and board refunds be issued?

Currently, we are reviewing your institutional charges and awaiting direction from the Federal Department of Education on how credits and adjustments to those might affect student aid awarded for the semester. We appreciate your continued patience during this transition, and we will send a follow up email as soon as we have more information.


Will my academic and lab costs change because the university has transitioned exclusively online?

Neither the cost, nor the degree requirements for Brenau University’s academic programs vary based on the method of delivery. Lab fees will continue to be charged. Lab work will resume on site as soon as feasible.


What if I can’t go home?

If you are a student who cannot return home because of travel restrictions or complications at home, you can submit a request for a waiver using For those of you who need to remain on campus, we will make every effort to provide you single rooms.


What resources are available for people who must remain on campus?

Necessary staff will continue to work to support those students who need to remain on campus, and Hopkins Dining Hall will remain open.


If I remain on campus will I have access to a mask?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released new recommendations for cloth face covers as it continues to study the spread and effects of the novel coronavirus across the country. This latest mask information is being addressed, and we are securing masks of all varieties from various suppliers as quickly as possible. Masks we secure will be for students remaining on the historic Gainesville campus and the staff that interact with them daily.


Online Learning

What if I don’t have Internet Access?

There are various resources available to you. Charter and Comcast have both created special offers to students during this time.


To enroll, students can call: 1-844-488-8395. More information on this offer can be found on their website.


Comcast has released a statement available on their website.


Where do I find my courses?

Log in to your Brenau self-service portal at login screen

Select Canvas.

My Brenau dashboard with arrow pointing to Canvas login

Once inside Canvas, you’ll see a list of courses.

Canvas dashboard showing classes

This video may also help you in locating your classes: Where to find your course in Canvas 2020 (YouTube)


I’m in my course, but now what?

Each professor may take a bit of a different approach to ensure continuity of learning. Be prepared to navigate your course site using the menu options on the left side of your screen to find content your professor has posted to share with you, to submit assignments in the dropboxes, and in some cases, to engage in threaded discussions.


I don’t know the first thing about Canvas. Can I get some help?

Here are the basic technology requirements for Canvas and some hints about using Canvas from your mobile device. These resources will help you be successful by ensuring you understand the technology expectations for online courses:

The video, Canvas Overview (Students) (4:21) will give you some practical tips for navigating in Canvas.  This is a tutorial provided by the LMS so it won’t look exactly like Brenau’s version, but it is a great, quick guide for getting around.

We also have a growing Canvas for Students Playlist in YouTube.

This has information on submitting various types of assignments and accessing course conferences for synchronous sessions.


These are great resources but I’m still having a hard time figuring out what to do. Who can help me?

For additional assistance, you should feel free to email or call 770-538-4774 for help.


How will I be able to meet with my professors?

Even though you are not meeting with your classmates and professors in a traditional classroom at this time, you have several options to still interact. Each professor should let you know when office hours will be held and what tools you can use for communication. Some of the tools your professors may use include:

  • Google Meet (AKA Hangouts; this is a Google extension; your professor would send you a link or you could send a link to classmates if you need to meet with them)
  • Google Hangouts (use via your Tiger email), available as a Chrome extension, Apple App Store app or Google Play app
  • Zoom (your professor would send you a link)
  • Big Blue Button (available within your Canvas course)


How can I work with a tutor?

Even though you are not able to physically go to the Math SPA, the Writing Center, or the Learning Center, they are all still available to support you.

  • Writing Center: The Online Writing Center will have asynchronous sessions for the remainder of the semester.
  • Math Study Place for Achievement (SPA): For tutoring in math or science, contact Dana Edge at

Learning Center: For tutoring, contact Lisa Christopher at or schedule / revise existing appointments by completing this form:


I have accommodations through the Learning Center. Can I still use those?

Yes, you may still use your accommodations. Please refer to the detailed email Learning Center Director Jennifer Loggins sent. If you cannot find that email, please contact her at or you may also contact Office Manager Lisa Christopher at


How can I get help from a librarian and/or access library materials?

The Brenau University Trustee Library will continue offering services and resources to support you. Please visit their libguide, which will be consistently updated. You may also reach out to your instructor.


I rented my books. How am I supposed to return them at the end of the semester?

Our bookstore offers free return shipping labels, so you do not need to return your textbooks in person. For more information, please visit:


What am I supposed to do concerning my clinical placement / internship / student teaching?

We realize that these experiences are hard to replace in a virtual setting. However, please know that the Provost’s Office is working with all academic colleges to ensure we support you and help you complete these requirements in a safe manner. For specific details concerning your off-site experience, please reach out to your program director or advisor. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Emily Zank at and she would be happy to assist you.


Still have questions or concerns? Talk to us.

General inquiries: or +1-800-252-5119 | Admissions: or +1-800-252-5119 ext. 6100
Brenau University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.