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Dr. Gale Starich

Academic Programs

Academic ProgramsThe AOTA 92nd Annual Conference & Expo will be one of the most vibrant and formidable gatherings of occupational therapy professionals ever experienced. Focusing on science, innovation, and evidence, we will come together with outstanding speakers, leaders, practitioners, educators, researchers, and students for four incredible days. Find out more details, register and reserve your housing online today!There has never been a better time to consider occupational therapy as a career. If you are interested in making a difference by helping people do what they need and want to do, then occupational therapy might be for you! […]spacerOccupational therapy teaches the skills needed for everyday living. Our programs prepare you to become a caregiver, with a choice of degree goals. OT education at Brenau furnishes you with the credentials to launch a competitive career in the world of health care.[…]



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Faculty and Staff

Our teaching faculty and staff employees are recruited with one outcome in mind: a team of professionals that collaborates to provide the best education in occupational therapy. Check out their credentials and specializations.[…]


How to Apply

Some programs require using the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application System (OTCAS) application. Click here to inquire about, or begin your application for graduate and undergraduate work in Occupational Therapy.[…]

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