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Working from Home with Children

Apr 7, 2020
Didi Cassell

If you have children at home, chances are you’re already accustomed to managing distractions. During this time, it’s likely that your children may be struggling with the changes in their daily routines as well. In order to manage your obligations to family, work, and school life, here are some resources that may be helpful:

Keep a daily routine

Especially for younger children, providing some consistency can help to manage expectations and set the tone for the day.  If your child is home from school or daycare, they are already used to having a schedule outside of the home, so transferring that concept for weekdays can allow them to keep a sense of normalcy. This daily routine will look different from family to family, but find a schedule that works best for you.

  • Be sure to provide breaks for your children to spend some time outside, where they can get fresh air and expend some energy.
  • Make time for meals and snacks, as well as structured learning time and free-play.
  • During those structured educational periods, your children can “help” you complete your school work by having their own assignments.

Utilize free resources

With all of the changes we’re currently undergoing, many organizations have created online activities or virtual experiences to help fill the time while at home.  Although there are endless options that can be discovered with an internet search, here are some favorites:

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  • Google Arts and Culture provides digital selections of art from over 100 museums throughout the world. It even provides Street View style tours of many museums and monuments.
  • The New York Public Library has made over 300,000 eBooks free for download, ranging from children’s books, to educational texts, and selections of best-sellers.
  • The Smithsonian’s National Zoo has set up webcams in select animal habitats, and provides a packet of activities for students to complete when learning about the animals.
  • The San Diego Zoo has numerous animal cams set up, and provides many activities and games for children in their Kids Zone.
  • Tour some of the world’s most beautiful gardens!  House Beautiful compiled a list of 5 popular gardens, including the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.

Give and receive grace

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The disruptions in our daily lives impact everyone. Your family members and friends are likely going through many of the same struggles, and your children may be particularly having a hard time making the necessary adjustments. Encourage them to take a break if they feel overwhelmed, and ensure that you do the same for yourself as well. With grace, empathy, and dedication we will all get through these difficult times together!