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Welcome to Campus Connection

Mar 20, 2020
Brenau Staff

Greetings students!

As we all prepare to officially transition to digital learning and support Monday, March 23, the Provost’s Office would like to share some encouragement and helpful tips for ways to ensure your continued success throughout the remainder of the semester. We will be sending a weekly email with links to this blog, which will be updated more frequently — so please bookmark and follow. Remember that the faculty and staff are here to support you in every way possible, and together we can achieve big things!

We have also created a Brenau Student Guide to Digital Learning & Support resource guide for you with information on how to access Canvas, use technology features, access academic support such as tutoring, and FAQs. We will consistently update this resource, so please bookmark it.

Be sure to check your Brenau email multiple times per day to ensure you don’t miss any important updates. Instructors will be sending out information for each course, including details on how to directly participate in class.

Most of your courses that were previously on-ground will still hold synchronous web meetings, so plan on “attending” class following your normal schedule.

Making the most of your experience

We all know that distractions can get the best of us, so here are some best practices for how to be effective with your studies:

  • Get ready for the day as if you were still attending class in person. Keeping a regular morning routine can help to put you in the headspace necessary to focus on the tasks ahead.
  • Set up a dedicated space for studying. Having an area that is solely dedicated for school work will help to differentiate the mindset between school and home life.
  • Minimize distractions. Try to avoid running the TV in the background; instead play soft music that reduces silence but doesn’t pull your attention away.
  • Schedule breaks. Throughout the day, plan to take 15-20 minute breaks to relax and reset. Be sure to have regular meals and take time for yourself when needed.
  • Communicate. Your instructors are available through virtual office hours, and meetings can be set up through one-on-one video chats to walk through any issues that may occur. Also, make time for social interactions. Video chats with friends or family are a great way to prevent a feeling of isolation and can help to bring joy into your day.

Technical questions?

Please refer to the Student Resource Guide for questions regarding Canvas or other operational procedures. If your issue is not addressed through that collection of resources, please email

The Student Resource Guide also contains many other answers to frequently asked questions, and this list will be continuously updated as more information is provided. If you have questions that are not addressed in this guide and are not related to technology issues, please submit them here.

Share your stories

We’d love to feature photos or videos of things that brighten your day! It could be crazy antics of your pets, funny situations with friends or family members, or even just a message of support to your peers. Share your submission.