About the College of Business and Mass Communication

Consistent with the mission of Brenau University the CBMC holds the following values as critical to our success in preparing students to lead extraordinary lives:

  • Contemporary subject matter knowledge
  • Global awareness
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • A strong ethical foundation
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Professional demeanor

2014 Undergraduate and Graduate Commencement

These values lead to the following mission statement: “The College of Business and Mass Communications aspires to prepare students to be successful professionally by grounding them in contemporary knowledge. Building on this foundation, with an emphasis on critical thinking and well-developed communication skills the successful student will manifest global awareness, sensitivity to cultural diversity, strong professional ethics and demeanor.”

All of the values stated above are reflected in the outcome statements for the various programs in the CBMC. At the level of the School we can articulate some foundational and operational goals that will allow us to increase the quality of our programs and succeed in helping students lead extraordinary lives.

The Standing Goals of the College of Business and Mass Communications

I. The CBMC teaches contemporary professional knowledge preparing students for careers.
II. The CBMC fosters career development through a focus on external programming.
III. The CBMC will support efforts to increase enrollment through its choice of programs.
IV. The CBMC will use assessment data for continuous quality improvement.

Results of External Assessment

Brenau uses the Common Professional Component (CPC) COMP exam from Peregrine Academics. MBA Graduates (Comprehensive review of Brenau – Assessment Results for GRADUATES 2011-13 (PDF)

Total Average Score: 62.557.8+8.1%
Brenau Strengths (368 Responses)
– Business Integration and Strategic Management70.4
– Business Leadership71.9
– Information Management Systems68
– Management66.7
Student Satisfaction (589 Responses)
What % of respondents:86%
– expect a salary increase
– say academic advising is acceptable to excellent88%
– will recommend Brenau95%

Business Undergraduates: Comprehensive review of Brenau – Assessment Results – UnderGrad 2011-13 (PDF)

Total Average Score: 56.151.4+9.1%
Brenau Strengths (199 Responses)
– Business Ethics61.3
– Global Dimensions of Business61.9
– Information Management Systems69.6
– Legal Environment of Business64.6
Student Satisfaction (589 Responses)
What % of respondents:
– expect a salary increase83%
– say academic advising is acceptable to excellent81%
– will recommend Brenau97%

Results of Internal Assessment

Please click on the following link to access a full range of reports on the CBMC and Brenau Universities assessment activities and results.


For more information about our school, please contact us at 770.538.4700 or the Dean at serickson@brenau.edu.

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