MBA Management

The Management MBA provides graduates with critical thinking and decision-making skills, as well as comprehensive knowledge of key leadership and management principles. The program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to progress to a higher level in their  organization or take the next step in their career.  The Management MBA is a 15 course, 45 credit hour degree program which leads to a Masters of Business Administration degree.

Brenau also offers the option to students already holding a post-graduate degree to earn the  Management Certificate by completing the 5 required courses in the Management Concentration curriculum.


Prerequisite Sequence

BA 508 Applied Economics for Managers
(waived with Micro and Macro Economics undergraduate coursework)
BA 514 Business Essentials for Managers
(waived with Accounting and Finance undergraduate coursework)

Introduction Sequence

BA 507 Business Communication
OL 703 Critical Thinking and Business Innovation


BA 670 Integrated Business Operations
MK 715 Marketing Management
AC 721 Budgeting for Managers
BA  723 Financial Management
MG 729 Management & Organizational Behavior
BA 717 Business Law
BA  799 Strategic Management & Policy

Global Sequence (select one course)

BA 642 Cross-Cultural Business Challenges
BA 787  Global Economics
MK 782 International Marketing
BA 749 International Finance
MG 785 International Organizational Behaviour
BA 780 International Travel Experience

Concentration (Take 5 of the 6 courses listed)

BA701 Special Topics
BA642 Cross-Cultural Business Challenges
MG 730 Management Leadership
PM 620 Introduction to Project Management
MG 785 International Organizational Behavior
MG 795 Evolution of Management Theory

Program Director

Dr. Jeannie Gaines, holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Florida and a BSN and MSN from the University of Kentucky, College of Nursing.  Prior to joining Brenau, she was Director of Graduate Programs at the University of South Florida, College of Business. Dr. Gaines’ research — including work stress, corporate social responsibility and the impact of neuroscientific developments in organizations–has been published in a number of leading business journals.  Dr. Gaines can be reached at

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