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Welcome to the College of Business & Mass Communication at Brenau University.

We are an innovative, leading edge liberal arts-based university, offering men and women the opportunity to enhance their lives through high quality, professionally based degree programs.

Today, our degree programs deliver what organizations want: critical thinkers, who can build strong network connections, make good decisions, and develop innovative ideas and strategies.

Oxford Center

Our latest example of innovation is our unique partnership with the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs. The Oxford@Brenau MBA program is designed for entrepreneurs – people actively developing their businesses who see value in earning an MBA as a piece of the overall puzzle. For more information visit the Oxford@Brenau MBA website. 

Some of our Alumni:

  • Emmie Howard, BA (WC) in Business, founder and CEO of Southern Proper, Atlanta.
  • James Stephens, MBA, Director, Logistics at the White House Communications Agency
  • Gale Allen, MBA, Deputy Chief Scientist at NASA, Washington D. C.
  • Samantha Dawkins, BA (WC), Manager of Branding, Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas
  • Maria Ebrahimji, BA (WC) in Mass Communication, former Producer with CNN, Atlanta.
  • Abu Khan, VP/General Manager at WOW!  Read his profile in the Brenau Window.

Join 1000’s of graduates globally who have transformed their careers and lives while earning a degree at Brenau.

Graduate Emmie Howard

Graduate, Emmie Howard

As a student at Brenau, you have two options:

Graduate, Abu Kahn

Graduate, Abu Kahn

Women’s College  – Fall and Spring start dates.  Our 135-year-old legacy school delivers a superior education in a safe, secure, and friendly environment. You will work closely with faculty and staff to make the transition as a successful professional, possessing the skills and confidence to lead. Our undergraduate degree programs in Accounting, Business Administration, and Mass Communication (PR/Journalism, Entertainment, Digital Technology*) provide you with the foundation you need to accelerate your career – whether it’s your first big step, or if you are transitioning from the military, or another path. Our NEW FOCUS is on Entertainment led by platinum award-winning songwriter Bruce Burch. (*Mass Communication and the Entertainment concentration are only offered in Gainesville).

Adult & Graduate Studies – Classes start six times a year.  If you are a busy, working adult, Brenau offers professionally focused undergraduate and graduate degrees in flexible, convenient formats that meet your goals and fit your schedule. Brenau has more than 40 years of experience in delivering programs for adults.  Many of our programs can be completed 100% online. To learn more about our Adult & Graduate Studies programs visit the AGS website.

Adult learners and part-time students can choose to join a cohort at one of our regional campuses in North Atlanta, South Atlanta, Augusta, Kings Bay area, Jacksonville and Gainesville, or they can opt for the ultimate flexibility by joining an online cohort.


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