The American South v. Great Britain

Aug 1, 2011
Brenau Staff

I have taken a liking to the Cambridge way of life (or as the English would say, I have come to fancy). Due to my obsession with my current atmosphere, I started to question my lifestyle back home. While doing so, I realized there are many similarities with the Southern lifestyle and the English.

1. Tea! I don’t consider someone from the South unless they like their tea cold and sweetened. To be honest, my biggest worry about coming to Britain was the break in my Sweet Tea routine: a glass every 3 hours. It wasn’t that hard to switch to the English way of hot tea with milk.
It’s addictive!
This, too, is something I crave numerous times a day!
2. Hospitality! I have always prided myself on the classic notion of Southern hospitality and friendly behavior. I was worried that I would be coldly welcomed to the UK due to my nationality. Much to my surprise, the English I have encountered are almost nicer than my Southern peers. I feel a sincerity in the English that isn’t necessarily present in the South. I have yet to hear a Brit say, “Bless her heart…”

3. Eggs! I am less than impressed by most of the English dishes, but they sure know how to prepare eggs. The most common way I have seen them prepare eggs is hard boiled. After they have boiled the egg, they place it on a solitary egg stand for your consumption. I found this very similar to the South’s obsession with preparation and display of deviled eggs.

British Hard Boiled Egg
Southern Deviled Eggs
4. Manners! Since I was a child, I have been given books on social graces and have attended numerous etiquette classes. It is almost a requirement for any child from the South. The English put just as much emphasis on the “proper” way to handle yourself in public.

5. Biscuits! Any meal in the South is made better with a fluffy, warm, and buttery biscuit. Biscuits can be made of corn, cheese, or even bacon. The English have scones! I think scones are God’s gift to England. They sort of redeem all the other bad food. They come in numerous flavors as well. You can choose from cheese, fruit, chocolate, or plain. And a scone would not be complete without clotted cream and jam.

Southern, buttered biscuits
English Scones