Early Morning Breakfast

Aug 1, 2011
Brenau Staff

This morning Lauren and I decided to go to the early morning breakfast at 7:30am instead of our usual 8:30am breakfast. We were hoping that by doing so, we would have ample time before class to work on our papers. As we approached the dining hall, we were shocked that we didn’t hear any noise coming from within. We were not surprised, however, that the only people who were eating breakfast (quietly) were the summer students over the age of 55.

They questioned us as to why we were up so early and were pleasantly surprised when we told them we had to write papers. Their response inferred that we were extremely responsible and respectable students. Little did they know that we have procrastinated on our papers for too long and we have one week to finish them.


In other news, last night, we went out for an evening punt on the Cam.

Punting is harder than they make it look!
At Nandos, a place that gives Zaxby’s a bad name.

Last, and certainly not least, Team US of A won trivia on Friday night! And to give credit where it is due – Deidre Cochran was the MVP! The last portion of trivia was charades, and if you know Deidre, you know that she really had no competition. Just one more highlight from the night – the winners’ speech involved Christina reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

All in all, it was a marvelous weekend without much paper writing!