A Very English Weekend

Jul 25, 2011
Brenau Staff


When Thursday rolled around, I knew I wanted only one thing out of my weekend – to live the way the English do. So Laura and I started off our weekend by spending the day in Eley. We first stopped at the Eley Cathedral, which definitely stands out from the quaint town it is placed.

The facade of Eley Cathedral. This picture was taken from about 300 yards away so it doesn’t give the size of the cathedral justice… 

The nave. It was truly breathtaking.


Laura and I on a balcony overlooking the entrance.


I lit a prayer candle with Hebrews 13:3 in mind, “Continue to remember… those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”


After we finished the tour of the Cathedral, we trailed up winding staircases, that were clearly built hundreds of years ago, and then we finally made it to the Stained Glass Museum. There were stained glass windows dating from 1100 ADE up to today. Here are some of the pieces I found interesting (notice the shift in subject and design as time progressed).


1200 ADE
1915 ADE


1980 ADE

The moment we exited the Cathedral, we saw a street sign pointing out numerous locations. One of the signs stated, “Oliver Cromwell’s Home, 400 yards.” I bet you can guess what Laura and I did next!

Yes, those are medieval mannequins welcoming us to Cromwell’s house.

We made a brief stop at Cromwell’s house then we wandered down High Street in search of the Peacock Tea Room (it is the best tea in the UK and the sole purpose of our trip to Eley). Before we reached the Peacock, we stumbled upon Eley’s beaderie. We were warmly welcomed by an Argentine woman who eagerly helped us. After picking out beads, string and clasps, we assembled our jewelry right in the store! It was such a fun activity and it was amazingly inexpensive!

Assembling our necklaces. We decided to pick beads that represented our time in England. Mine were gold and soft blue and Laura’s were brown and green.

A few hundred yards further we found the Peacock Tea Room! We had the chocolate platter. This included chocolate scones, chocolate fudge, chocolate bars, and chocolate tea. I almost forgot, all these deserts were made better with clotted cream! Even if we hadn’t had tea or scones, the atmosphere of this charming tea room would be enough for me to give it the best ranking!

Laura in a window seat looking out into an English garden.

When we arrived back in Cambridge, Dr. Dobkins met us at the door ready for Shakespeare in the Garden! We packed a picnic, blankets, and our walking shoes and headed out to Downing College Gardens to see “The Winter’s Tale.” The performance was impeccable and the scenery was unparalleled.

At “The Winter’s Tale.”