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The American South v. Great Britain

Aug 01, 2011

I have taken a liking to the Cambridge way of life (or as the English would say, I have come to fancy). Due to my obsession with my current atmosphere, I started to question my lifestyle back home. While doing so, I realized there are many similarities with the Southern lifestyle and the English. 1. […]

Early Morning Breakfast

Aug 01, 2011

This morning Lauren and I decided to go to the early morning breakfast at 7:30am instead of our usual 8:30am breakfast. We were hoping that by doing so, we would have ample time before class to work on our papers. As we approached the dining hall, we were shocked that we didn’t hear any noise […]

A Glimpse at the Classrooms

Jul 28, 2011

  One of the greatest things about Cambridge is its architecture. It is like I am walking around in a 17th century themed park. I expect to walk around the side of a building and see 4 x 6 boards holding the facades up. Because this environment is so inspiring, I wanted to take a […]

A Very English Weekend

Jul 25, 2011

  When Thursday rolled around, I knew I wanted only one thing out of my weekend – to live the way the English do. So Laura and I started off our weekend by spending the day in Eley. We first stopped at the Eley Cathedral, which definitely stands out from the quaint town it is […]

From Newton to Pooh!

Jul 20, 2011

Dr. Dobkins and I went out for lunch today to discuss my papers. She met me after class and was in such a hurry to get to the “surprise” she planned for before lunch. We rushed up to the Trinity College gates, nearly ran through the entrance garden, and finally arrived at the Wren Library! […]

21st Birthday!

Jul 20, 2011

Yesterday was my 21st birthday! In the United States this marks the day I can consume alcohol, however the drinking age in England is 18yrs. I didn’t let this small formality ruin my birthday fun! We went out to dinner and had some drinks after. Today I continued the celebration by going to my favorite […]

Playing Catch-Up

Jul 15, 2011

  Since Monday, I have been extremely busy! So busy that I haven’t been able to post any blog entries. However, this is the run down of the past week. Monday We arrived at Heathrow around 11:00am. About two hours later, we found ourselves at the gates of Selwyn College at University of Cambridge (pictured […]

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