Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (BAOL): The purpose of the Organizational Leadership program is to develop students’ knowledge, ability and skills to be leaders in arts, business, government, education, and not-for-profit organizations. The curriculum is designed to allow students in these types of organizations to understand organizational processes, facilitate change, and lead staff members to higher levels of success. Upon completion of the Organizational Leadership program, students should be able to: demonstrate leadership principles by being a part of a team experience, demonstrate analytical skills as part of the management problem solving process, utilize a range of persuasion skills that convey business issues to a variety of audiences, demonstrate understanding of the value of cultural differences to organizations and the need for effective communication with a multicultural population.



AS 100 First Year Seminar or AS 111 Foundations for Success
AC 200 Survey of Accounting or AC 201 Acct Principles I (Financial)
BA 200 Survey of Economics
BA 208 Business Communications
BA 223 Leadership Principles
LE 300 Conflict Resolution
BA 330 Cultural Diversity in the Business Environment
MG 301 Management Principles
MK 315 Marketing Principles
MG 318 Organizational Behavior
BA 316 Legal Environment of Business
BA 340 Strategic Thinking and Innovation
HR 312 Recruiting and Selection
HR 333 Human Resource Management
OL 403 Leadership and Group Dynamics
BA 417 Business Ethics
HR 418 Organizational Development and Change
OL 499 Leadership Capstone


*For details about your specific program plan, please consult the University Academic Catalog.