Diana Quinones and her roommate Rui Nancy Feng

Brenau Student Show at the High Museum of Art: A Student’s View By Diana Quinones

May 16, 2018
Brenau Staff

Hi, my name is Diana Quinones, and I am a second-year student at Brenau majoring in studio art. A year ago, my 3D printed sculpture from my Foundations: 2D & 3D class was accepted into the Brenau Student Exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. As a freshman at the time, it was an honor to have something that I created in a museum for the first time. To have both my parents there to support me made it even more special.

This year, my friends, Jennifer Benitez and Lexi Hohmann, both studio art majors, had their pieces in the exhibit once again. I was there to support them in their achievements, and I invited my new roommate, Nancy, who had just transferred to Brenau from China. I was able to walk her around the High and talk to her about the art pieces not only in the student exhibition but in the museum itself. This made for a wonderful experience and lively conversation not only at the museum, but during the bus ride back.

Diana Quinones and her roommate Rui Nancy Feng.