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Professor Claudia Wilburn shows Jordyn De LaRosa how to remove the printed pice of her design from the baseplate after printing. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Technology in the Classroom: 3D Printing at Brenau

Sep 02, 2018

The technology that’s forecasted to change the future and allow us to manufacture everything from houses to human organs on demand has come to Brenau. In fact, 3D printing has been here since 2014, when Professor Claudia Wilburn first requested the purchase of two MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D printers, intending to incorporate them into art […]

Photo shows the bust line of the light green dress with large white flowers on the front and on the sleeves.

Detail photograph of this vintage dress by designer Peggy Hunt

Collection Highlight: 1950s Dress by designer Peggy Hunt

Sep 02, 2018
By Rachel Ward Stored away in Brenau University’s historic clothing collection is a stunning dress that oozes summer evenings spent sipping on refreshing drinks with friends and neighbors. The dress combines two aspects women aspire to be: sexy and elegant, as this was Peggy Hunt's specialty. Carolyn Margaret Hunt, later known as Peggy, began as [...]
This photo shows an impasto acrylic painting with a rich blue color at the top that blends into a violet and the to a right coral red at the bottom.

"Dawn" by Haley Gill was selected to become part of the Permanent Art Collection at Brenau in 2018.

Presidential Purchase Award Becomes Part of the Permanent Collection

Sep 02, 2018

  The Brenau University Permanent Art Collection (BUPAC) features a broad spectrum of works from across media and time periods, including works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Helen Frankenthaler and Jasper Johns. However, perhaps most personal to Brenau are works in the collection by alumnae from over the years. Brenau hosts an annual exhibition […]

Two students standing in the frame of a house.

Cassandra and Elizabeth in the rafters of the habitat house.

Brenau University Students Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity 

Jun 01, 2018

By Brenau Staff Interior design students from the student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers participated in a Habitat for Humanity home build in Gainesville, Georgia. Habitat for Humanity volunteers help build homes alongside the future homeowners in an effort for the homeowners to pay an affordable mortgage. The Brenau students worked on the home’s roofing […]

Video: Vee Sanchez talks about Life in Fashion Design after Brenau

May 31, 2018

Brenau alumna Vee Sanchez, BFA fashion design 2014,discusses her insecurities as a new student in Brenau’s fashion design program, internships she had as a student and her career after graduation working on costumes in Orlando, Florida for Disney and teaching at the Austin School of Fashion Design in Austin, Texas.

Studio Art Program Director Claudia Wilburn talks to interior design student Carmen Garcia-Pitarch Lopez. Both programs are part of the Center for the Arts & Design at Brenau University. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Brenau announces Center for the Arts & Design

May 29, 2018

Brenau University recently announced creation of the Center for the Arts & Design, a collection of the university’s esteemed programs providing student-centered art and design education based on inquiry and innovation. The umbrella program is a collaboration of the Art & Design Department, which is comprised of studio art, fashion design and fashion merchandising programs, […]

Brightly colored yet abstracted portrait of Lillian Carter. Picture shown hanging in the Manhattan Gallery.

A portrait of Lillian Carter by Andy Warhol hangs inside the Manhattan Gallery in the Brenau University Downton Center.

Highlights from the Brenau Collection: Andy Warhol’s ‘Lillian Carter 1977’

May 16, 2018

    By: Victoria Mathis Andy Warhol is known and admired so much for his unique way of interpreting iconic celebrities and even consumer items. Warhol was a constant mirror of the society in which he lived. He used the iconography of his generation to challenge what society thought of those icons and to push […]

Diana Quinones and her roommate Rui Nancy Feng

Brenau Student Show at the High Museum of Art: A Student’s View By Diana Quinones

May 16, 2018

Hi, my name is Diana Quinones, and I am a second-year student at Brenau majoring in studio art. A year ago, my 3D printed sculpture from my Foundations: 2D & 3D class was accepted into the Brenau Student Exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. As a freshman at the time, it was […]

One of the BURDs, part of a public art project to be placed around Gainesville by Vision 2030.

One of the BURDs, part of a public art project to be placed around Gainesville by Vision 2030.

Brenau Art & Design partners with chamber for public arts collaboration

May 16, 2018

As part of a mission to increase awareness of public art in Hall County, Brenau University and the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce’s Vision 2030 public art committee announced in March the Brenau Urban Rural Discoveries, or BURDs. The public art project was conceived by Frank Norton Jr., a member of the Brenau Board of […]

The Colossal Prints printmaking workshop at Brenau University on Friday, March 23, 2018.

Professor Claudia Wilburn organizes community colossal prints event

May 15, 2018

It was a crisp, clear spring morning as Studio Art Program Director Claudia Wilburn sat perched atop a steamroller – just another day at Brenau. Wilburn and her students organized Brenau University’s first Colossal Prints event on March 23 along Brenau’s Green Street side of the Gainesville campus, outside the John W. Jacobs Jr. Business […]

Yanrong (Minnie) Zheng and Tatyanna Heard-Gerald burn fabric swatches to identify fiber content.

Yanrong (Minnie) Zheng and Tatyanna Heard-Gerald burn fabric swatches to identify fiber content.

Professor Charity Armstead introduces new fashion merchandising technologies

May 15, 2018

Students in FM 240 Fashion Textiles analyzed fiber types using burn testing, microscopy and chemical reactivity. The students are using thrifted garments throughout the semester for a detailed analysis that includes fiber types and characteristics, weave/knit structure, dyeing and printing, and other aspects of textile construction. The fiber photos here were taken with a camera […]

Brenau Galleries Director Nichole Rawlings, right, explains to Brenau junior Rebecca Pjils of The Netherlands the significance of the 370-year-old Dutch painting recently added to the university's art collection.   (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Florida Developer Enhances Art Collection with Gift of 17th-century Painting

Nov 01, 2017

Jacksonville, Florida, businessman David Gonzales enhanced the Brenau University Permanent Art Collection with the gift of a 1647 preliminary painting that led to the creation of one of the most famous works by the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age artist, Paulus Potter. Titled Landscape with Cows, the 19 3/4-inch by 23 1/2-inch study reflects the pastoral […]

"Potts: A Life of Stories" by Claudia Wilburn a Mixed media piece comprised of acrylic paint, image transfers, found materials, digital prints, family memorabilia, handmade paper and collage. The piece won "Best in Show" at the Georgia National Fair Fine Arts Exhibition. (Claudia Wilburn/Brenau University)

Professor Claudia Wilburn Wins Best in Show at Georgia National Fair Fine Arts Exhibition

Oct 09, 2017

The Georgia National Fair celebrates the state’s heritage, people and agriculture each fall. This year, the 11-day event featured the work of Brenau University associate professor of art and design, Claudia Wilburn. Wilburn, who is also the studio art program director, won best in show and first place in the mixed media category at the […]

From left to right, Charity Armstead, Sandy Brim, Andrea Birch and Kasie Alt laugh during the opening reception for "Expanded Geographies," featuring artwork by Ying Li at the Simmons Visual Arts Center Sellers Gallery. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Gainesville Campus Holds Landscape Artist Gallery Reception

Sep 15, 2017

The Brenau University Gainesville campus hosted a gallery reception from 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 14, celebrating the opening of Ying Li’s exhibit “Expanded Geographies” in the Simmons Visual Arts Center’s Sellars Gallery. Li, a landscape artist known for her tough textures and intense colors, captures experiences with place and time in her gestural paintings, and […]