Board of Directors

The Brenau Alumni Association Executive Committee shall include a President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Three Chairs, and Alumni Director (ex-officio). If you are interested in serving the Alumni Association as a Board member, please contact Ashley Carter or call 770-534-6164.

Board of Directors

Brooke Statham (WC '00) President-Elect

Brooke Statham, WC ’00, President

Marsha Stringer

Marsha Stringer, WC ’96, BU ’03, ’05, Immediate Past President

Rosanne Chastain Short (WC '90, BU '06)  VP, University /

Rosanne Chastain Short, WC ’90, BU ’06, University Chair

Jessi Barker Shrout (WC ‘04) VP, Women's College /

Jessi Barker Shrout, WC ’04, Women’s College Chair


Jenny Richardson, WC ’08, Secretary

Ashley M. Carter, WC ’09, BU ’12, Alumni Director (ex-officio)



W. Carl Blackburn, BU ’94

Brooks Clay, BU ’11

Jennifer Dell, BU ’15

Zoe Scheffrin Durden, WC ’14

Julie Seymour Edwards, WC ’91

Cassidy Collier Mattox, WC ’17

Andrea Thompson Miller, A ’00

Erin Mundy, BU ’95

Susan K. Papesh, WC ’06

Alecia G. Webb, BU ’07