Alma Mater

Tune: The Lorelei

Brenau, how nobly we see thee,
With honors richly crowned;
In all this fair, fair Southland
Thy equal is not found.
Oh, happy the day that we sought Thee
by Chattahoochee’s side
Where spring gives its first kiss to nature,
and summer long doth ‘bide.

Oh happy the spot o’erflowing
With wisdom and with song;
Clear flow thy rippling waters
The hills of Hall among.
To all the world thy blessing,
Brenau, thou sendeth forth;
Thy gentle, loving daughters
To Southland and to North.

Near to my heart thou standest,
How couldst thou closer be;
As love’s first dream so sweetly
Sounds thy dear name to me.
And when my path grows thorny,
And worldly pleasures fail,
My heart will turn with longing
Back o’er this peaceful vale.


The Brenau Ideal

To find satisfaction in being rather than in seeming;
To find joy in doing rather than in dreaming;
To be prepared for service thereby earning the right to be served;
To be pure in heart; vigorous in mind, discreet in action;
To love deeply, fear nothing, hate never;
To enjoy that freedom which comes from knowledge of the “Truth”;
To be modestly conscious of the limitations of human knowledge
and serenely confident of the limitless reaches of human endeavor –
This is the ideal of Brenau.

-H. J. Pearce


Seniors, We Honor Thee

Seniors, we honor thee,
A tribute to our Alma Mater.
You are as gold refined,
So keep in mind your Alma Mater.
Brenau gives you her name.

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