List of Major CIP Codes

Updated as of 08/22/17

Major Code Degree Description CIP Code Notes
BACC B.B.A. Accounting 52.0301
MACC M.Acc. Accounting 52.0301
THACT B.F.A. Acting 50.0506
MSNAT CERTIFICATE (graduate) Acute Care NP Post Mast Cert 51.3818
MPSYG M.S. Applied Gerontology 30.1101
EDART B.F.A. Art Education 13.1302
BIOL B.S. Biology 26.0101
BBUS B.B.A. Business 52.0101
MBBA M.B.A. Business Analytics 52.9999
MBCBA CERTIFICATE (graduate) Business Analytics Certificate 52.9999
CTECE nondegree-graduate Cert Only-ECE 13.1202
CTMG nondegree-graduate Cert Only-MG 13.1203
CTSE nondegree-graduate Cert Only-SE 13.1099
CTMTH nondegree-graduate Cert-K5 Math Endorsement 13.1299
CTSCI nondegree-graduate Cert-K5 Science Endorsement 13.1299
CTRD nondegree-graduate Cert-Reading Endorsement 13.1299
MPSY M.S. Clinica/Counseling Psych 42.2801
MCCMS B.A. Communication and Media Studies 9.0100
MCCMA M.A. Communication and Media Studies 9.0100
LEGAL B.A. Conflict Resolution & Legal Studies 22.9999
CW Minor Only Creative Writing 23.1302
DANCE B.A. Dance 50.0301
EDECE B.S. Early Childhood Education 13.1202
EDEDE A.A. Early Childhood Education 24.0101
ESECE Ed.S. Early Childhood Education 13.1202
MAECE M.A.T. Early Childhood Education 13.1202
MEECE M.Ed. Early Childhood Education 13.1202
ED Minor Only Education 13.0101
ENG B.A. English 23.0101
MCENT Minor Only Entertainment Management 50.1001
MBENT M.B.A. Entrepreneurship 52.0701
ENVDS B.S. Environmental Design 50.0408
MSNRN M.S.N. Family Nrs Pract (RN-MSN) 51.3805
MSN M.S.N. Family Nurse Practitioner 51.3805
FDES B.F.A. Fashion Design 50.0407
FMERC B.A. Fashion Merchandising 52.1902
MBFIN M.B.A. Finance 52.0801
MBCFI CERTIFICATE (graduate) Finance Certificate 52.0801
BFIEC B.B.A. Financial Economics 52.0899
MAFA M.A.T. Fine Arts Education 13.9999
MBGB M.B.A. Gen Business 52.0201
GNSTD Minor Only Gender Studies 5.0299
GENST B.S. General Studies 24.0102
GER Minor Only Gerontology 30.1101
HLSCI B.S. Health Science 51.0799
HLEXS B.S. Health Science-Pre ExSci 51.0799
HLNSG B.S. Health Science-Pre Nsg 51.0799
OTHLT B.S. Health Science-PreOT 51.0799
HLPPT B.S. Health Science-PrePT 51.0799 expiring 06/30/17
HLSRV M.S. Health Services 51.9999
MBHSA M.B.A. Healthcare Management 51.0702
MBCHC CERTIFICATE (graduate) Healthcare Management Certificate 51.0702
HYPOL B.A. History/Political Science 54.0101
HRM B.B.A. Human Resource Management 52.1001
MBHR M.B.A. Human Resource Management 52.1001
MBCHR CERTIFICATE (graduate) Human Resource Management Certificate 52.1001
PSYIO Minor Only Industrial Organizational Psy 42.2804
MBINA M.B.A. Information Assurance 52.1201
MBCIA CERTIFICATE (graduate) Information Assurance Certificate 52.1201
MBIN M.B.A. Insurance Management 52.0299 Jacksonville (Florida) only
INTDS B.F.A./M.I.D. Interior Design 50.0408
INTDS M.F.A. Interior Design 50.0408
ITST Minor Only International Studies 45.0901
LIBAR B.A. Liberal Arts 24.0101 expiring 06/30/17
LIBST A.A. Liberal Studies 24.0101
MBMG M.B.A. Management 52.0201
MBCMG CERTIFICATE (graduate) Management Certificate 52.0201
MBMA M.B.A. Managerial Accounting 52.0301
MBCMA CERTIFICATE (graduate) Managerial Accounting Certificate 52.0301
BMKT B.B.A. Marketing 52.1401
MBMKT M.B.A. Marketing 52.1401
MBCMK CERTIFICATE (graduate) Marketing Certificate 52.1401
MCOM B.A. Mass Communication 9.0102
MAMG M.A.T. Middle Grades Education 13.1203
ESMG Ed.S. Middle Grades Education 13.1203
MEMG M.Ed. Middle Grades Education 13.1203
EDMG B.S. Middle Grades Education 13.1203
MUSIC B.A. Music 50.0901
EDMUS B.A. Music Education 13.1312
THMUS B.F.A. Musical Theatre 50.0509
 MBNP  M.B.A. Nonprofit Management 52.9999
 MBCNP  CERTIFICATE (graduate) Nonprofit Management  52.999
NSGAP D.N.P. Nsg Advanced Practice 51.3818
NSGLM D.N.P. Nsg Leadership Mgmt 51.3818
MSNMG M.S.N. Nurse Manager 51.3802
NSG B.S.N. Nursing 51.3818
NSGRN B.S.N. Nursing (RN/BSN) 51.3818 expiring 06/30/17
MSNE M.S.N. Nursing Education 51.3817
OT M.S.O.T. Occupational Therapy 51.2306
DOT O.T.D. Occupational Therapy Doctorate 51.2306
BOMGT B.B.A. Operations Management 52.0205 launching fall 2018
MORLD M.S. Organizational Leadership 52.0213
BORLD B.A. Organizational Leadership 52.0213
DPT D.P.T. Physical Therapy Doctorate 51.2308
OTPB nondegree-post bac Pre OT Post Baccalaureate 51.2306
PPAPB nondegree-post bac Pre Phys Assistant Post Baccalaureate 51.1102
PPTPB nondegree-post bac Pre PT Post Baccalaureate 51.2308
PMPB nondegree-post bac Pre-Med Post Baccalaureate 51.1102
PPA B.S. Pre-Physicians Assistant 51.0912
MBPMG M.B.A. Project Management 52.0211
MBCPM CERTIFICATE (graduate) Project Management Certificate 52.0211
PSY B.S. Psychology 42.0101
OTPSY B.S. Psychology (Pre-OT) 42.0101
MGPSY M.S. Psychology-general 42.0101
MBPA M.B.A. Public Accounting 52.0301
MBCPA CERTIFICATE (graduate) Public Accounting Certificate 52.0301
RESDS B.A. Residential Planning 50.0408
MASEC M.A.T. Secondary Education 13.1205
BSBM Minor Only Small Bus Management 52.0703
SPAN Minor Only Spanish 16.0905 expiring 06/30/17
EDSE B.S. Special Education 13.1099
MASE M.A.T. Special Education 13.1099
MESE M.Ed. Special Education 13.1013
GSPEC nondegree-graduate Special Student 24.0199 transient or special status
SPEC nondegree-undergrad Special Student 24.0199 transient or special status
BSPMG Minor Only Sport Management 31.0504
 MBST M.B.A.  Strategic Thinking & Innovation  52.0299
 MBCST CERTIFICATE (graduate)  Strategic Thinking & Innovation  52.0299
ARTST B.F.A. Studio Art 50.0702
THEAT B.A. Theatre 50.0501
THDES B.F.A. Theatre Design & Technology 50.0502
UNDEC nondegree-undergrad Undeclared 24.0199
LEAD certificate (undergrad) Women’s Leadership 24.0199 must be taken in conjunction with the students undergraduate degree
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