2010-2011 Program Plans


This site contains the 2010-2011 programs of study for all degree programs at Brenau. The programs are grouped by school/by graduate and undergraduate/and then listed in alphabetical order. The program plans are in pdf format. To view them, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader® or another portal document format viewer.

All undergraduate program plans have a front and back face. For most undergraduate majors, the front face of the program plan contains the liberal education portion of the program. Major courses may be applied toward the student’s liberal education requirements and those courses are noted on the program plan. Students should keep that in mind when planning their curriculum. The back of the program plan contains the major program sections.

Liberal Education Courses

Click here for a list of all Liberal Education Courses by Learning Portal and Expectation.
Click here for a list of all Liberal Education Courses in Course number order with their respective Learning

Portals and Expectations noted.

Note: If you wish to view Liberal Education course listings for a previous year, please click on the “Archived plans” link (to the right) for the year you wish to view and the links to those lists will be on that page. The LE curriculum began in 2007-2008. Prior to that catalog, the General Education curriculum was in place and General Education courses listed directly on the program plans.

** Students earning a degree with these majors have the option of continuing their education at Brenau in the M.A.T. (Master of Arts in Teaching) Secondary program to earn Georgia Teacher Certification at the K-12 level.

Liberal Studies (A.A.) Undecided
General Studies (B.S.) (Students cannot be admitted with a general studies major. These programs must be individually approved by the Academic Affairs committee.) Minor
College of Business & Mass Communication College of Education:
Departments of Business and Mass Communication Departments of Early Childhood/ MiddleGrades Education and Special Education
Accounting (B.B.A.) Early Childhood Education (B.S.)
Business (B.B.A.) Middle Grades Education (B.S.)
Human Resource Management (B.S.) Special Education (B.S.)
Organizational Leadership (B.A.) Early Childhood Education (M.A.T)
Marketing (B.B.A.) Middle Grades Education (M.A.T.)
Mass Communication (B.A.) Special Education (M.A.T.)
Accounting (M.B.A.) Secondary Education (M.A.T)
Healthcare Management (M.B.A.) Early Childhood Education (M.Ed.)
Human Resources Management (M.B.A.) Middle Grades Education (M.Ed.)
Insurance Management (M.B.A.) Special Education (M.Ed.)
International Business (M.B.A.) Early Childhood Education (Ed.S.)
Management (M.B.A.) Middle Grades Education (Ed.S)
Organizational Leadership (M.S.)
Project Management (M.B.A.)
Certificate Program
(for students with a prior M.B.A. degree)
College of Fine Arts and Humanities College of Health and Science
Departments of Art and Design, Dance,
Humanities, Interior Design Music and
Departments of Math and Science, Nursing,
Occupational Therapy and Psychology
Art Education (B.F.A.) Biology (B.S.) **
Arts Management (B.F.A.) Health Science (B.S.)
Conflict Resolution and Legal Studies (B.A.) Medical Post Bac Certificate
Dance (B.F.A.) Nursing (B.S.N.)
Dance Education (B.F.A.) Nursing (B.S.N.) RN-BSN
Dance Studies (B.A.) Occupational Therapy (B.S./M.S.)
English (B.A.) ** Pre-Physician Assistant (B.S.)
Fashion Design (B.F.A.) Psychology (B.S.)
Fashion Merchandising (B.A.) Applied Gerontology (M.S.)
History/Political Science (B.A.) ** Clinical Counseling Psychology (M.S.)
Interior Design (B.F.A./M.I.D.) Family Nurse Practitioner (M.S.N.)
Liberal Arts (B.A.) Leadership/Management (M.S.N.)
Music (B.A.M.) Nursing Education (M.S.N.)
Music Education (B.M.) Nursing Certificate Programs
Music Performance (B.M.) Psychology (M.S.)
Studio Art (B.F.A.) Occupational Therapy (M.S.)
Professional Entry Program
Theatre (B.A.) **
Theatre Arts (B.F.A.) **
Theatre Design and Technology (B.F.A.) **
Interior Design (M.F.A.)


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