Honors Program


The Brenau Honors Program offers students an extraordinary experience, enhancing their program of study with small seminar courses, collegial peers, creative approaches, and collaborative learning. Program completion brings recognition and a competitive advantage.

Bailey Merritt and Emily Ashmead, Registration Day, 2019.

Foundational Honors Experience in the Core Curriculum

Honors Program students complete 4 or more seminars in partial fulfillment of the Liberal Education core curriculum in years one and two:

  • HN 210 Communication & Language Fluency (3 hrs)
  • HN 220 World Understanding (3 hrs)
  • HN 230 Artistic & Creative Imagination (3 hrs)
  • HN 240 Scientific & Analytic Curiosity (3 hrs)
  • HN 250 Travel & Research (3 hrs)
  • HN 260 Course Augmentation (1 hr)

Honors Challenge Curriculum

Students complete two or more of the following in junior and senior years:

  • Present research at a conference or symposium
  • Participate in a study abroad program and take HN 250
  • Earn a double major
  • Earn a minor
  • Earn the Women’s Leadership Certificate
  • Complete HN 499 Honors Capstone (1-3 hrs).

Honors Program Handout (PDF)

2020-2021 Honors Program Plan (PDF)

Honors Augmentation Request Form (DOCX)

For more information about the Honors Program, please contact Dr. Debra Dobkins at ddobkins@brenau.edu.

Research Symposium 2019

Honors Seminar Courses, Fall 2020

Honors 210 Communication and Language Fluency

Tuesday, Thursday, 11:00-12:20, Dr. Debra Dobkins

This course, held in a seminar setting, employs creative pedagogies to help students cultivate proficiency in public speaking and provides them opportunities to practice and develop communication skills. This course satisfies the LE Communication and Language Fluency Portal at the Honors level. (3 hrs) 

Women’s Voices: Tried and True: Despite systematic, structural, and cultural forces that aim to silence them, articulate women persistently raise their voices during critical moments in history, affecting decisions and inspiring movements that have impacted generations. In this seminar, we will explore women’s spirited and opinionated, intelligent and influential rhetoric while we develop individual abilities, talents, and confidence through various forms of communication. Get ready for a lively, interactive seminar with a group of creative, intellectually curious peers!

From left to right, Bridgett Tiller, Rachel Christina and Marlee Causey paint bowls for the Georgia Mountain Food Bank's Annual Empty Bowl Lunch as part of an Artistic/Creative Imagination Honors Seminar. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Honors 230 Artistic and Creative Imagination

Monday, Wednesday, 3:30-4:50, Dr. Sandy Brim

This course, held in a seminar setting, is designed to give students a theoretical and practical venue for creative and/or artistic projects. Such venues may include art, writing, theatre, radio, dance, or sculpture. This course satisfies the LE World Artistic and Creative Imagination Portal at the Honors Level. (3 hrs)

Rooms of Their Own: We will look at works of art, especially literature, in which the “where,” the physical space inhabited by the characters, is as important as any character. We will start with Virginia Woolf’s masterpiece A Room of One’s Own and then read contemporary works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Writers will include Susannah Kaysen, Jenny Offill, Marie Howe, Robert Hass, and Victoria Chang. Students will do an artistic project inspired by the literature: redesigning and decorating a room on campus.  

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