Honors program

Honors Student 2008
“At times it was quite easy for me to take another class instead of an Honor’s course, but I could not bear to miss the intellectual, yet fun discussions and learning things from not only the professors but my fellow classmates as well.”
–Vicky Davis, WC’2012
The Honors Program at the Women’s College of Brenau University begins in the freshman year and is followed throughout the student’s entire college career at Brenau.Special classes reserved for honors students are taught in an enriched manner, affording these students an approach to their general education courses which enables them to study these subjects at an advanced level.For more information please contact:

Dr. Winter Elliott
Honors Programs

“…Being in honors classes has caused me to redefine the way I view being successful. In areas where I once tried to compete with others, I’ve discovered it’s more challenging to compete with myself. When I can take my personal best from yesterday and make it pale in comparison to my personal best today, I know I’m successful.” –Ashley Lee, WC’2014
“…It allows students to approach their liberal arts classes in present day contexts with open-mindedness and global perspective enabling us with the awareness and empathy that can change the world. It allows the student’s potential to be limitless, enabling the ambitious an opportunity to explore any scholastic pursuit with fervor and fire…”– Stefanie Lehmann, WC’2013

Honors students

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