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Brenau Child Development Center has the unique responsibility of serving young children, their parents, the University community, and the community at large. As a reflection of our commitment to and our value of children, our first responsibility is to meet the needs of the children enrolled at the Center by providing care that is professional and predictable, yet warm and loving. The developmental stages of children must be continually recognized and considered to plan and implement learning experiences in the areas of cognitive, emotional, physical, and social growth.

The overall goal of the curriculum is to provide child-centered experiences that will help each child reach his/her maximum potential. Families are functioning systems that make up the immediate environment where individuals grow and develop; as such, the Child Development Center is an extended are of each child’s family. Brenau University students enrolled in teacher preparation, nursing, and occupational therapy have a unique advantage in being able to utilize the Center as an effective laboratory for applying sand synthesizing theoretical knowledge. We believe that care for young children in an academic setting can and should exemplify a balanced program which has intrinsic benefits for the children, their parents, and Brenau University students. From this perspective, we believe the Child Development Center has an opportunity for adding to the body of knowledge about the growth and development of young children with a responsibility for bringing pertinent information to parents about child development.


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