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    Photo: Tawny Kern WC’2010 in front of the Brenau Ideal, which was written by President H.J.Pearce around 1900. Located next to the Crow’s Nest, The granite marker is one of the centerpieces of the front campus.
Brenau Ideal



To find satisfaction in being rather than in seeming;
To find joy in doing rather than in dreaming;
To be prepared for service thereby earning the right to be served;
To be pure in heart; vigorous in mind, discreet in action;
To love deeply, fear nothing, hate never;
To enjoy that freedom which comes from knowledge of the “Truth”;
To be modestly conscious of the limitations of human knowledge
and serenely confident of the limitless reaches of human endeavor –
This is the ideal of Brenau.


-H. J. Pearce


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