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Brenau scholars 2011 class represents outstanding academics, leadership qualities

Brenau University enrolled five outstanding first-year students at the Gainesville, Ga.-based Women’s College as the latest recruits to the Brenau Scholars program, which is designed to attract top high school academic prospects.[…]

Brenau picks Brittany Howington for Coca-Cola ‘First Generation’ Scholarship

Brenau University junior nursing student Brittany Howington of Oxford, Ga., will receive a scholarship of about $3,000 from The Coca-Cola Foundation program to benefit students who are the first in their families to go to college. She is the daughter of Chad and Michelle Howington. Howington, who minors in psychology, carries a 3.11 grade point […]

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BOTSA (Brenau OT Students Association) meetings this semester

National Meeting of the OT Society, Denver Col. April 14-16, 2012

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