The University of Cambridge has a different set-up than most universities in the States. There are 31 colleges under the University of Cambridge umbrella. The college I was accepted to is Selwyn College. It is known for producing many clergymen. Just to give you a visual of my life right now, I took pictures of the quarter I am staying.

This is the building where my dorm is housed. My room is on the right side.

This is the view from my dorm. It is the college chapel and Head Master's house.

This is our dining hall and pub.

The Head Master has a cat named Gus. We have become friends and I wanted to include him in this blog post, but it is raining outside so I couldn’t find him to take a picture. But don’t fret! The next time I see him I will snap a shot to share with you!

This evening after dinner we went out for ice cream. The ice cream is to die for! It is a custard based desert and comes in a plethora of flavors!

There are representatives from Canada, Michigan, Utah, and Virginia in this group!

Tomorrow Laura, Dr. Dobkins, and I are going to Illy (a medieval town) and to Shakespeare in the Gardens! So excited!

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