Degree Programs

Biology (BS)

The 120 credit hour biology program consists of a common major core and a concentration in either biological sciences or environmental sciences. Students who choose a biological science concentration will be able to pursue careers in science education, research, medical and paramedical training, clinical laboratory work, industrial product and agricultural development, chemical and pharmaceutical sales after graduation. An environmental science concentration will enable students to pursue careers in environmental science education, environmental research, environmental policy development, nature centers, environmental consulting, industry, and regulatory agencies in local, state, and federal government. There are additional courses suggested for students who intend to apply for specific professional schools.

Health Science (BS)

The 120 credit hour health science degree is perfect preparation for application to physical therapy programs, athletic training, sports medicine, Masters of Public Health or Masters in Forensic Science. Moving directly into healthcare management and administration is also an option of health science graduates. Students will complete a 48 – 49 credit hour core curriculum and a 24 credit hour concentration in allied health, business, or public health.

Health Science (B.S.) [pre-Nursing]

Purpose  This program is designed for those students who are interested in a career in the health field. The interdisciplinary curriculum reflects a commitment to liberal arts education and contains strong science and mathematics content, opportunities to investigate research methods and a number of field work options to facilitate interactions with people in need of health care in its many forms. The program also encourages students to develop health care communication skills in languages other than English.

Career Opportunities  This program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in health care, as well as to serve as an undergraduate degree suitable for those seeking to enter graduate level or medical-technical professions requiring advanced technical training.

Course of Study  In addition to the requirements listed below, students are reminded that all majors will demonstrate oral and written communication competency within the context of specified writing and/or speech intensive courses in the major.

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Health Science (B.S.) [pre-OT]

Students enter the Occupational Therapy program at the graduate level. There are several majors at Brenau specifically designed to provide undergraduate preparation for entry into the MSOT program. This Health Science (pre-OT) major is designed for that purpose. Students who take the substantial portion of their undergraduate work at Brenau are given preference in admission.

This program is available at both the Gainesville and North Atlanta campuses.

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Pre-Physician Assistant (BS)

The program involves three years of specialized study at Brenau followed by 14 months of professional studies at PCOM and a final year of focused preceptorship. Following the completion of the five-year program, students will be eligible to sit for the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam.


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