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Melissa Whatley, Brenau Language InstructorVIDEO clip: Melissa Whatley, who teaches languages at Brenau and is one of the instructors in the Guatemala Program, talks about Guatemala 2015. 
How many Quetzals are you in for?
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 A Class In Ruins…

While there, students learn exactly how and why Guatemala is a magical country of contrasts.  ruinThe name “Guatemala” derives from the Nahuatl Cuauhtēmallān that translates as “place of many trees.”  As noted by its name, this has been a land of natural beauty since recorded time.  There is, however, more to this enchanting country than the lush jungles.  There are chic coffee houses haunted by cosmopolitan ex-patriots, important ruins that rival the pyramids of ancient Egypt and everything in between.
The traditional Mayan and Spanish cultures permeate Guatemalan society as evidenced through Mayan villagers in the rural highlands and the urbanized mestizo population who occupy the cities and agricultural plains.

“This trip was unlike any others I have led…”

“On previous school trips, getting off the plane and embarking on the sojourn has meant new high speed rail service, fully stocked tour busses, modern and clean buildings, and place names like “Victoria Station”, “Gare du Nord”, and “Citta del Vaticano.”  However, as we arrived in Guatemala City’s La Aurora International Airport, the BigSisterair was filled with smells and sounds only found in Central America.  And what a wonderful feast for the senses it was!”
– Dr. Bill Haney about the 2012 Guatemala TripOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Touching Lives…

kids Experience the challenges that children and adults face in a developing country, as you’re on the forefront meeting the locals.

Did you know that…

• Guatemala is a small country, but home to 33 volcanoes ?
• Guatemala was devastated by civil war from 1960 to 1996 ?
• 50% of Guatemala’s population has Mayan ancestors ?
• Mexico and Honduras are its geographic neighbors ?

…Making A Difference

This is not a sightseeing tour just for getting a suntan and shopping for designer luggage. While there are plenty of opportunities for leisure and exploration, the work done by the Brenau students and their instructors is directly helping improve the lives of Guatemalans in selected places.



Since 2010,

Brenau University students have had the opportunity to travel abroad to Guatemala and make memorable collegiate experiences.

The College of Business and the Humanities  Department have taken students on a Spring Break course to Central America focused on the country’s community, economics, and business

business systems.  This hands-on trip includes several service learning opportunities, where students are able to learn more about the global community and themselves while in service to others.

It is an intense week of work, fun and study that guarantees to affect every student in the most positive way. More information? Click the image below to use our contact form.



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