Brenau in Guatemala

Guatemala Spring Break 2014

Since 2010, Brenau University students have had the opportunity to travel abroad to Guatemala and make memorable collegiate experiences.  The School of Business and Spanish Department have taken students on a Spring Break course to Central America focused on the country’s community, economics, and business systems.  This hands-on trip includes several service learning opportunities, where students are able to learn more about the global community and themselves while in service to others during an intense week of work, fun and study that guarantees to affect every student in the most positive way.

Guatemala, city view

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While there, students learn exactly how and why Guatemala is a magical country of contrasts.  The name “Guatemala” derives from the Nahuatl Cuauhtēmallān that translates as “place of many trees.”  As noted by its name, this has been a land of natural beauty since recorded time.  There is, however, more to this enchanting country than the lush jungles.  There are chic coffee houses haunted by cosmopolitan ex-patriots, important ruins that rival the pyramids of ancient Egypt and everything in between.  The traditional Mayan and Spanish cultures permeate Guatemalan society as evidenced through Mayan villagers in the rural highlands and the urbanized mestizo population who occupy the cities and agricultural plains. Whether you are an outdoor explorer, expert shopper or a civic-minded person looking to help others, Guatemala is the place to be.  The goal of Brenau in Guatemala is to learn while helping others.  But students quickly see that they too benefit by becoming more culturally competent and better global citizens.  Brenau in Guatemala is calling you for an adventure of a life time.



Dr. Bellew with Tawainese business student I-Chuang Yu at Hotel Iguana Perdida during breakfast.




Click HERE to see the typical program itinerary for Brenau in Guatemala.  Days are filled with site-seeing, guest lectures, service projects, and much, much more!






Water taxis in front of hotel lobby in Lake Atitlan

Water taxis in front of hotel lobby in Lake Atitlan


Over the course of the trip, the group stays in two principal locations: Antigua Guatemala and on Lake Atitlan.  Antigua Guatemala is a colonial style city famous for its candies using local fruits, seeds and nuts along with honey and traditional sweeteners.  It was once the capitol of Guatemala before being moved to Guatemala City.  While there, the group stays in Hotel Casajacaranda before ending the trip in Hotel Iguana Perdida in Santa Cruz la Laguna, Solola.




Guatemalan baby; City Garbage Site

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While in Guatemala students and faculty visit the Guatemala City Garbage Dump, where a number of Guatemalans live in dangerous conditions.

Brenau travelers work with a local organization, SAFE PASSAGE, that assists Guatemalans in obtaining an education and leaving the dump behind.

Click HERE to read a first-hand account of this experience by Dr. Shelton Bellew, a Brenau University Spanish teacher.




Guatemala, Candy Stand

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Interested in a life-changing opportunity? Click HERE to view the information and itinerary from a past Guatemala study abroad trip.  New information will be added for upcoming trips as available!

If you are a student interested in learning more about travelling to Guatemala, or a faculty member interested in leading a student group, please contact Dr. Shelton Bellew at or 770.538.4453.



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