Modern Language Requirements and Related Policies

LE Requirement:

All Brenau University students entering as of fall 2011 must meet a Liberal Education Modern Language requirement by demonstrating at least the high beginner level of language competency at the 102 level. The following policies apply to this requirement:



Exemption of the language requirement may be achieved by:

1. Transfer of equivalent credit from an accredited university.

2. CLEP test in languages taught at Brenau, for credit. CLEP of other languages will provide exemption but without credit. (We aren’t allowed to post credit if we don’t teach it.) Contact: Brenau University Learning Center (Crystal Ball) 770-534-6133

3. BYU FLAT test available in 50 languages; test must be proctored, takes about 2.5 hours, and costs $50 plus a $20 proctoring fee. Scores of 60% or above will provide exemption only. NO credit is awarded for FLAT tests. In the Gainesville area, the Brenau Learning Center offers the FLAT test; students in other locations must make arrangements with a local public library or college testing center to proctor, pending approval of the Chair of the Department of Humanities or his designee. Contact: Brenau University Learning Center (Crystal Ball) 770-534-6133

4. Students entering with an AA degree (as defined by the Brenau Registrar) or with a previous bachelor’s degree are exempt from any additional Liberal Education requirements per Brenau policy.


Advanced Placement:

Students unsure of their skills and not wanting to take the longer exemption tests may elect to take the WEBcape “snapshot” placement test ($10, online, immediate results in approximately 20 minutes). They may be placed into 101, 102, 201 or an approved study abroad 215 immersion experience based on the results. If placed into a 102 or 200 level course, that course would complete their language requirement. Cut-off scores are:

Over 500: Student should consult with departmental faculty to identify appropriate course or additional testing options.

351 – 500: Permission to enroll at the 200 level or above

251-350: Permission to enroll at the 102 level

Below 250: Enrollment at the 101 Level*

*Students concerned that the test does not reflect their knowledge of the language may request further evaluation by a faculty member who can evaluate listening, speaking and/or writing skills to determine if enrollment in a higher level course is advisable.

High scorers on Webcape will be encouraged to take the BYU (no credit) or CLEP (for possible credit) tests as appropriate if they prefer to try to exempt. NOTE: WEBcape is not an extensive and reliable enough test to award exemption and thus is only used for placement with appropriate advising.


Heritage Speakers:

“Heritage” speakers and others with advanced skills in a second language may NOT take 101; they should seek advanced placement or exempt the language requirement as described above.


International Students:

International students accepted to Brenau with an official TOEFL score will be exempt from the modern language requirement with the assumption that English is their second language.


Communication Elective:

The 102 language course fulfills the Liberal Education requirement in Modern Languages. All other language courses taken by the student (101 or 200 level) may count toward the Communication elective. Motivated students are encouraged to continue study at the 201 or 215 Applied Language level including study abroad.

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