Last Day at Ol’ Brenau

Today was my last day at Brenau. Yes, I finished my classes in May. However I have been working with the External Relations Department this summer. Tami Lee, Alpha Chi Omega alumna and event planning extraordinaire, was my boss this summer. She took the other summer staff and I out for lunch. When I arrived at El Sombrero, a fitting location for lunch since it is the classic Brenau dining experience, there was a display of going away presents. Tami, Ashley, and Emily made precious cards by hand. Monique hand stitched an airplane pillow with the British flag on the face.

Monique, Emily, Tami, Ashley and I at my going away brunch.
A close up of the precious cards and pillow.


Thank you again, Tami, Monique, Emily, and Ashley! Needless to say, this was the perfect end to my (professional) career at Brenau.




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