Ninth Annual Brenau University Mock Mediation Tournament

The Ninth Annual Brenau University Mock Mediation Tournament was held on October 7 and 8, 2011 at Brenau University. The tournament started with a greeting to the participants by Dr. Ed Schrader, President of Brenau University. Following an excellent training in mediation and the brain conducted by Ms. Raye Rawls of the Fanning Institute at the University of Georgia, students from eight colleges and universities from throughout the Southeast participated in a three round mediation tournament. The rounds were judged by members of the bar association who do mediation, local mediators from the 9th District ADR office, as well as Brenau University faculty and staff who have had mediation training. The team results were that a team from Brenau finished first, followed by teams from Georgia State University, Gainesville State College, University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a team from Brenau finished in fifth place out of 14 teams. Individually, Brenau students Shantel Francis, Megan Blackwell and Heidi Cranford captured second, third and sixth place in the mediator portion of the competition out of 42 mediators. Brenau students Christina Poole/Jasmine Dickerson, and Melissa Tavilla/Carmen Hughey received outstanding advocate/client team awards. Finally, Brenau student Shantel Francis received the top individual award, the Elizabeth Baumgardner Peacemaker Award for her outstanding work as both mediator and advocate. It was the ninth year that Brenau University team has hosted this invitational tournament, one of the regional invitational tournaments that lead to the National Intercollegiate Mock Mediation Tournament to be held in Des Moines Iowa on November 11 and 12, 2011.

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