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reads to a class at the Child Development

  • 2 teachers: 6 children
  • Milestones listed below


  • 2 teachers: 8 children
  • Milestones listed below


  • 2 teachers: 8 children
  • Milestones listed below


  • 2 teachers: 9 children
  • Milestones listed below
Preschool 1 (PSI): 

  • 2 teachers: 14 children
  • Milestones listed below

  • 2 teachers ( 1 certified and 1 paraprofessional): 20 children
  • Milestones listed below


Developmental Milestones:

Each age group works towards developing socialization, Language, Self Help, Cognitive, and Motor Skills. I would like for the following information to be


  • Grasps objects
  • Repeats sounds like mama/dada/bye-bye
  • Waving
  • Holding own bottle
  • Drink from a cup (between 9-12 months)
  • Removes objects from containers
  • Rolling over
  • Walking


  • Takes part in manipulative games (pulls string, turns handles) with another person
  • Follows 3 different on-step directions without gestures
  • Eats table food with spoon independently
  • Stacks 3 blocks upon request
  • Matches objects with picture of same object


  • When given directions, child can take or bring objects from different areas of the classroom
  • Plays dress up
  • Names body parts
  • Working towards potty training
  • Points to big and little upon request
  • Draws “+” in imitation


  • Sings and dances to music
  • Takes turns
  • Points to picture of 10 common objects described by use
  • Unbuttons large buttons on button boards
  • Begins to recognize names of self and peers
  • Points to long and short objects


  • Asks for assistance when having difficulty (ex. with bathroom or getting a drink)
  • Answers simple “how” questions
  • Expresses future occurrences with “going to, “have to”, “want to”
  • Helps set the table by correctly placing plates, napkins, and utensils, with verbal cues
  • Names objects as same and different
  • Adds legs and arms to incomplete person


  • Is able to state feelings about self: mad, happy, love
  • Joins in conversations at mealtime
  • Uses compound sentences (I hit the ball and it went in the road)
  • Participates in class jobs that consist of weather helper, calendar helper, gardener, lunch/snack helper, time keeper, etc.
  • Tells what is missing when one object is removed from a group of three
  • Re-tells five main facts from story that has been heard 3 times

¨ Being part of GA Pre-K students also are taught basic math, science, language, social studies and writing skills in addition to the developmental milestones listed above.


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