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Brenau University’s mission is straightforward: preparing all of our students to live extraordinary lives. We choose this word, “extraordinary,” purposefully to reflect the conviction that Brenau graduates will have an education that is not just excellent but demonstrably life-changing for both themselves and others.”Brenau 2025″ is our action plan for designing an innovative and exciting education that will transform our students’ lives and, hence, their world. 

We envision a very different learning experience than currently offered at other educational institutions.

Melding into Brenau’s existing liberal arts and pre-professional educational approach is a new and richer means of understanding and relating to our world. We describe this evolutionary learning experience as Brenau’s “Portals of Learning” – doorways or entries into transformational environments where individuals experience (not just learn) understanding of, adaptation to and prospering in a faster paced, information-centric, scientifically demanding, and culturally diverse global society. We see programs and activities designed to push our students well beyond personal comfort zones as they discover their own unique capabilities and gifts.

We know from experience that people who are once bitten by the learning bug – that powerful and exhilarating sense of discovery-pursue lives of continual learning, using what they learn to enrich their own lives and the lives of others. 

Members of 21st century society will confront increasing uncertainty and unpredictable change in their lives. Brenau’s commitment is to engender in our students a sense of curiosity rather than fear, of innovation rather than acceptance. In many ways, teaching the subject matter will be the easiest part of our educational task. It is the learning formula-how, where, what and with whom they learn-that we must iteratively re-evaluate.

We believe and thoughtfully plan that the Brenau graduate will be equipped with the tools and confidence necessary for an extraordinary life, a lifetime leading to personal fulfillment, professional rewards and significant contributions to the welfare of others.

We invite you to learn more about our evolutionary learning rubric and why we believe that Brenau is the right university to undertake this challenge.

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Ed Schrader, Ph.D.

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Current column: Winter 2011-2012

Political ‘Science’

Brenau’s Honor Code requires students and faculty to embrace truth. The university supports and enforces the honest pursuit of educational studies and respectful behavior towards others. When they graduate, Brenau alumni take honor code experience with them in life. It occurs to me that Brenau people could be outstanding role models and examples for those in our society who should have spent more time in their lives developing an appreciation for honor and truth.

Why do I bring this up now? Here’s a news flash for you at the beginning of the 2012 election year: Politicians sometime manufacture issues to get the public’s attention. They base their positions on these issues on gross exaggerations, deceptions or outright lies. In the past, those issues usually went away once ballots were counted.

Unfortunately, in today’s polarized political and media environment, some of these fake issues stick and, frighteningly, shape policy. As a result, the fake issues-makers actually manufacture some real problems. 

As a scientist (the “hard science” kind, not the political kind), it drives me a little nuts that many of these fake issues appear to be giving momentum to an escalating war on science. The anti-science politicians have also reactivated some old prejudices that science somehow undermines one’s religious faith. Aside from violating any honor code I know, this runs against the grain of our work at Brenau to purposefully and aggressively step up science education and honest inquiry and research, like the extremely successful undergraduate study of endangered plants that you read about in a previous issue of this magazine. Science plays a central role in our understanding of the formation and sustainability of the earth and all living things. The ultimate sacrilege is misleading the public with provably untrue “interpretations” of basic science to legitimize questionable political or social positions. […MORE…]



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